Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to be the best that they can be;

to find their purpose, dream big, do what they love, and pursue their potential.

Our Values


Leave ‘Em Speechless

We exceed expectations in an unforgettable way.

We over promise and over deliver with an unparalleled attention to detail.

World-class is how we roll.


Burn Bright

We love what we do, and we’re eager to share this passion!

Our infectious enthusiasm and positive energy uplift those around us.

We’re “all in”, with an unshakable commitment to our vision.


Level Up

We relentlessly drive improvement and change, constantly raising the bar.

We’re curious and humble, with an insatiable appetite to learn and grow.

We never settle and keep looking forward, while celebrating how far we’ve come.


Rise Together

We are a united team, working towards our mission as one.

We fiercely support our teammates, while pushing them to be the best they can be.

People come before profit; how we get things done is as important as what we achieve.

Passionate about achieving your basketball goals!

At No Limits Basketball, we teach you to play like an ELITE player, even if you aren't at that level yet. No matter where you are at right now, our coaching will take your game up a notch. We break down all skills into manageable steps, so that all players are able to learn and master them.

If you practice in a higher-grade environment, you quickly adapt, and your skills rapidly improve. Skills are the great equalizer in basketball; they allow you to compete against players with greater physical attributes. They might be taller, faster or stronger, but a more skilful player will know how to play against them.

Our passion is helping players reach their goals. We set out to create advanced skills training for basketballers of any level. Most trainers run players through drills and skills they can already do. The players might get in a great “workout” but won’t be adding any new skills to their game. Improving your skills is a mixture of knowledge and practice. We supply both in a way that fast tracks your development, taking you to the next level fast!

At No Limits Basketball, you'll learn new footwork, new body movements, things that you didn't even know existed. We teach advanced techniques that give you an advantage over other players!

To help our students get the most out of their training, in 2019 we opened our high-performance training facility. The venue is fitted out with multiple playing areas and training equipment to make sure students maximise their opportunities and hands-on practice.

At No Limits Basketball, we guarantee eight weeks of exceptional training you love... Or all your money back!

Pete Maunder

Head Coach/Owner

Skills training is my passion. It's what gets me out of bed in the morning, the excitement of sharing the ride of your advancement.

It continues to be the ultimate privilege to help players to make the most of their talent. I'm passionate about helping you take the next step in your basketball career!

Pete Maunder
Joey Wright
Pete is one of the top up and coming young coaches/trainers in Australia. His knowledge base along with his extreme passion for the game gives him an edge that not many have. He's one of the few trainers I would let train my kids!

Joey Wright, Head Coach Adelaide 36ers (NBL), 2-time NBL Coach of the Year


Our Facilities

We own and operate a state-of-the-art dedicated basketball facility in Box Hill South, that allows us to conduct sport-specific training, year-round, without interruption.

  • Easy-on-the-knees sprung timber floor
  • Four rims with full-sized glass backboards
  • Two Dr. Dish Rebounding Machines for maximum shooting reps
  • Fitlights Decision Making and Vision Training
  • I'm Possible Footwork training System
  • I'm Possible Medicine Basketball training
  • I'm Possible Rip Cone training
  • Strength/power equipment - plyo boxes, kettlebells, resistance bands
  • High tech video replay system
  • Gear Shop featuring signature No Limits gear
  • Air conditioned parents' lounge area
Basketball field


No limits basketball program and camps provide the keen basketballer excellent skills / techniques that can help take their game to the next level. The coaches are all great with the players and provide assistance and feedback to improve the players game wherever they can. Positive vibes, good quality, good communication, professional program.

Lisa Stewart

My daughter has been attending No Limits for about 12 months. She followed the online course during Covid Lockdown and her skills improved dramatically. She now attends the Shooting Lab and is usually the highest scorer in her domestic games. Last season she was in U14/5 rep team, this season was selected for U14/2. Yes being top age and tall helps, but her confidence and technique has improved out of site. Cant recommend Pete and his team enough. And most importantly, she loves attending the academy!

Not only has our sons skill set improved but so has his mindset! Excellent coaches who pay attention to detail and always encourage!

It’s one of the best basketball academies in the Victoria:very professional, good communication, on time and great skills. My son loves doing his training with them and he improves his skills, tremendously as well as his nutritions.The coach Pete, has different type of strategy to encourage children to improve their skills not only in the basketball but also in their real life.

Fantastic coaches with a passion for improving players

Couldn’t be anymore impressed with the coaching Pete & the team provide to my kids.

Highly recommend this program, Pete and the team have taught our two sons so many modern basketball skills which has boosted both their on court confidence! They love attending their sessions each week.

Love No Limits, all the coaches are so supportive and always push you really hard. The drills are fantastic it really makes you realise what wrong in your shot and how to improve that

Peter Micallef

My son Xavier has been attending no limits for about 6 weeks now and absolutely loves it! The coaches are so friendly and take the time to slow down the movement for him. Highly recommend this training for any kids interested in basketball and proper technique.

Jon Ward

Pete offers a brilliant program and is a proven developer of great basketball players. Cannot recommend highly enough!

My sons have done the camps and the academy training. The ratios of instructors to kids is the smallest I’ve ever seen. I love that Pete is approachable and listens to every parent. We currently train with Aidan and he is the best coach I have even seen, he seems to be able to “read” each individual child. My son has improved dramatically under his guidance. The most positive aspect is that my kids love going and eager to learn from No Limits. Highly recommend this program.