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21 September 2023

No Limits stand out for their professionalism. They are structured in their teaching, detailed in their direction and observe the student's execution and offer individual feedback on how to improve. Their classes are so well run, there's never wasted time. Because they are operated in small groups, there is more opportunity to practice each drill and have the coach watch, replay it on the video and identify where it could have been executed better. This is always done in a positive and encouraging way. Because feedback is so individualised and detailed, improvement is faster. The kids always leave a session with a new skill that they have learnt. Coaches never take the easy route of overlooking where feedback could be given, or ignoring distracted behaviour when they're delivering a session. The holiday camps are run to the same high level. The focus is on learning, rather than entertainment. My son has attended a few other holiday skills camps and has stressed to me that No Limits gives him the most in terms of learning, challenges and game play, so is where he chooses to attend. Big applause to the No Limits team, including the admin, which I haven't mentioned but should, because they're excellent too! No Limits do everything right.

Sarah W
19 September 2023

My son has really enjoyed his sessions here. Positive, engaging and skilled coaches with sessions that really focus on skill development in a fun and encouraging environment

Mary Bray
8 September 2023

Fantastic coaches, kids have improved in skill & confidence & the operation is exceptionally well managed!

Nicholas Chuy
28 August 2023

The training program is detailed and methodical. My son really enjoy the training, and has improved after a few months. Would recommend this for any kid who is serious in getting better at their game. The coaches are patient and friendly.

Alexandra White
7 August 2023

Great delivery of specific basketball skills coaching that fits where each participant is at. No Limits really take time and care to provide a great player experience. Highly recommend.

Y. S
27 July 2023

Our son has been attending No Limits training for a few months now. We have been so happy with the training by all the coaches! They’ve taught him valuable skills and correction of techniques that have been really helpful to him. Staff are great and they keep the group numbers nice and low so the kids get the most out of the sessions. Highly recommend No Limits Basketball to anyone interested in improving their game!

Daniela Stewart
26 July 2023

We have 2 children enrolled in the no limits program and both have had an enjoyable experience. The quality of coaching and facilities are great. Sessions are engaging and competitive with practical game skills they have been able to use.

Paty Galán
19 June 2023

We had 2 children attending the academy and they developed great basketball skills. The coaches are very patient and get along really well with children. Highly recommend No Limits

Rachel Adab
14 June 2023

Highly recommend this place for all dedicated basketball players.I tried nearly two years different places to get some professional basketball training for my teenage son..Im very pleased of efforts and supports of coaches at No limits basketball.

Carmel Veenstra
14 June 2023

Can not recommend highly enough - my under 16 loves the intensive training and her skills have improved out of sight since attending. A welcoming and professional environment. Honestly - 5 stars!

Renee Brosolo
6 June 2023

Great experience for my son, really improved his shooting skills & grew his confidence in his basketball team.

Jeanine Chang
1 June 2023

My daughter loves No Limits. Her individual skills have improved a lot which boost up her confidence! Coaches are friendly and great! Highly recommended!

My son has become a stronger, more confident player and an accurate shooter. The instructors engage each and everyone of the students in attendance. It is a worthwhile investment.

Elise M.
2 May 2023

The No Limits Team are encouraging and lovely, while being serious about teaching and improving our kids skills and confidence. The office team are fantastic, and always obliging!

Sonya Kewming
15 March 2023

The coaches at no limits are excellent! They are so patient and encouraging of the players. Great role models for my son. Thank you 😊

Brett Aishangdi
15 March 2023

Big shout out to the team at No Limits. Both my children play rep and are more confident players due to their coaching. They get practical, individual skill based training which is not all that possible during rep and domestic team based training sessions. You could see the difference almost immediately. They now attack the basket and drive more consistently and confidently.

Diana Chuy
15 March 2023

What No Limits promised, they deliver. Coaches are intentional, encouraging and supportive. Kid improved leaps and bounds in his skills. Facilities are great. Communications are superb. Kudos to all staffs!

Allen Sui
6 March 2023

One of the best youth basketball training facility, in a non-traditional small group / gym personal training styled classes, accompied by shooting labs, holiday camps, pre-rep try out programs, if your kids are really into playing rep basketball at a high level, you need to check this place out. Coaches and staff are all well experienced current rep or big V players, easy going and patient, most small group trainings we attended are similar level Rep players as well, awesome place to hand your kids over to pros, sip coffee on the side and watch, instead of trying to coach your kids yourself and getting frustrated.

Marc Crilly
1 February 2023

Hands down the best thing we've done for our son's game. Three months and he is a different player. Highly focused skills coaching that brings rapid improvement in all areas, particularly shooting and footwork. Highly recommended

Corey Modrau
15 December 2022

I’ve been training here over the last few months. I love coming here, all the guys that have trained me - Dave, Noah, Jaden, Tom, Conor… are all a good bunch of guys. They all coach in their own way so your getting taught different perspectives and insights into what they’re teaching you in a training session. My confidence has grown immensely and my game has grown relatively quickly.

Eliza Godkin
13 December 2022

Such a wonderfully run program, I can not recommend it enough.

Chris Aylen
12 December 2022

We are only new to No Limits Basketball, my son Aiden absolutely loves his skills training. With only 3-4 kids each coach Aiden's skills are accelerating before my eyes.

Sally Guglielmi
24 October 2022

My son loves the program and is learning some great new skills. The coaches are skilled and personable & give plenty of constructive feedback. Highly recommend.

Chris Leftley
24 October 2022

We have had a great journey at no limits that has provided a really engaging environment with great coaches to help Josh continue to learn and develop technique. We have really enjoyed our time and I would highly recommend No Limits to anyone who wants to watch their child improve their skill set and learn the correct techniques to advance their game, whilst having some fun along the way…….

Ben Duckworth
7 September 2022

My son and daughter have both got so much out of No Limits. Fantastic coaching in great facilities has improved both of their games. It’s energetic, pushing both of them to improve but coached with insight, skill and care. 100% Recommended

Liviu Bratu
7 September 2022

My son Sebastian is training at this facility and he could not be any happier. All coaches are extremely dedicated, skilled and take interest in the players. The small groups (4:1) are a great feature and the customer service is on point!

Christina Daulo
17 August 2022

The best coaching I have ever seen. My son Sebastian started a few weeks ago twice a week every week and we can see improvements almost immediately. He is more confident and the small group (no more than 4) for one coach is just perfect. The attention to detail, the time spent with Seb, and even him training with other kids that are on the same level if not better than him, is very beneficial for his growth and development. His love of basketball is shared by other students and the coaches of No Limits. We love it so much his younger brother is joining too! There's no other place like No Limits. Thank you for a great team of coaches who share their passion to our boys.

22 July 2022

Very professionally run operation. Great facilities, highly organized administration, superb, enthusiastic coaches who get a big sweat and a bigger smile out of my kid every session! Highly recommend.

Grace Harb
18 November 2021

The No Limits team is amazing! Their patience, support and encouragement for my child has been unbelievable. Love this place!

My two sons have trained with No Limits for several years and both of them have had an extremely positive experience with them. Not only has it taken their skills to the next level, the coaches have been fantastic and the whole business operates professionally and is a pleasure to deal with.

Lisa Stewart
27 December 2020

My daughter has been attending No Limits for about 12 months. She followed the online course during Covid Lockdown and her skills improved dramatically. She now attends the Shooting Lab and is usually the highest scorer in her domestic games. Last season she was in U14/5 rep team, this season was selected for U14/2. Yes being top age and tall helps, but her confidence and technique has improved out of site. Cant recommend Pete and his team enough. And most importantly, she loves attending the academy!

Peter Micallef
23 October 2019

My son Xavier has been attending no limits for about 6 weeks now and absolutely loves it! The coaches are so friendly and take the time to slow down the movement for him. Highly recommend this training for any kids interested in basketball and proper technique.

Jon Ward
11 September 2019

Pete offers a brilliant program and is a proven developer of great basketball players. Cannot recommend highly enough!

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Professional basketball training for experienced players 10+ (or 9+ and playing rep) dedicated to developing their game. At No Limits we work with players who have the required level of experience and skill to undertake our detail focussed training, who fit in with our culture of performance, AND whom we can provide great value to.

Our one hour Academy sessions are available every day of the week, and run year-around during the school term.




Our Facilities

We own and operate two state-of-the-art dedicated basketball facilities in Box Hill South, Victoria, that allows us to conduct our training year-round, without interruption.


3/2-4 Clarice Road, Box Hill South

  • Sprung timber floor
  • Four rims with full-sized glass backboards
  • I'm Possible Footwork training System
  • I'm Possible Medicine Basketball training
  • I'm Possible Rip Cone training
  • High-tech video replay system
  • Gear Shop featuring signature No Limits gear
  • Air conditioned parents' lounge area


11B Clarice Road, Box Hill South

  • FIBA Approved 3 on 3 Floor Tiles
  • Four rims with full-sized glass backboards
  • 3 x The Gun Shooting Machine Bays
  • Fully equipped strength & conditioning gym
  • I'm Possible Footwork training System
  • I'm Possible Medicine Basketball training
  • I'm Possible Rip Cone training
  • Games area with table tennis, pool table and NBA Jam
  • High-tech video replay system



We focus on individual skill development, teaching players everything that usually gets missed at team sessions.


Our 5-to-1 player to coach ratio allows us to provide players with individual attention and the optimal amount of feedback


Our coaches break skills down so that every player can learn them, and add new skills to their game.


BASKETBALL Academy Memberships

Small group lessons that provide personalised training to improve technique and abilities. This is what turns players into elite stars! Book your free trial today!



4 sessions per week

$29 p/session

$116 per week

Develop into the Greatest Of All Time



3 sessions per week

$32 p/session

$96 per week

Become your teams superstar player



2 sessions per week

$38 p/session

$76 per week

Improve your technique and skills



1 session per week

$49 p/session

Learn how to be a better baller

SAVE 10% for any additional siblings

$65 casual passes available

We Guarantee Exceptional
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We are the only basketball academy in Melbourne with a guarantee like this.
We believe strongly in our ability to level up our player's skills, but talk is cheap - so we back it up with this promise to you!

If you aren’t seeing immense benefit from our training in your first 8 weeks, we’ll refund you every dollar you’ve paid.

Groups & Schedule

All academy sessions are held at our private facilities in Box Hill South.


  • 10-13 years old (or 9 y/old playing rep) – Recruits, Intermediate
  • 12-13 years old – Advanced
  • 14-16 years old – Intermediate, Advanced
  • 17+ years old – Intermediate, Advanced
  • Shooting Technique – Size 5, Size 6, Size 7 – these sessions utilise The Gun shooting machines for players to get shooting reps in, under the guidance and direction of our expert trainers to build their jumpshot!


We have over 100+ sessions running each week between the following times:

  • Monday to Thursday – 4:15pm to 9:40pm
  • Friday – 4:15pm to 7:45pm
  • Saturday – 8:00am to 6:40pm
  • Sunday – 9:00am to 9:20pm


A list of our most common academy questions. If you have anything else to ask, please complete the form on the contact page.

Absolutely! You can sign up at any point during the term. We teach off an ever-evolving skills checklist, so we are constantly adding in new skills and then coming back to old ones, so players don’t need to start at the beginning of a term.

Please refer to the schedule on our booking system. If it’s in the schedule, it’s running! Usually sessions DO run on public holidays.

We have two facilities, both on Clarice Road in Box Hill South. Your confirmation email for your booking will specify which venue your session is at.

The Academy – 3/2-4 Clarice Road

The Lab – 11B Clarice Road

Absolutely – you’ll be able to use our booking system to book in for a different day of the week to make up for any classes that are cancelled with at least 6 hour’s notice.

All of our groups are for both boys and girls.

Basketball, water bottle, No Limits jersey (if you have one)

At every session, we will go over 2-4 new items from our skills checklist. Players should work on those skills at home.

Our memberships have a minimum length of 8 weeks. We run year round – your membership is placed on hold over the school holidays and resumes at the start of the next term.