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Develop players in state-of-the-art facilities, with top-notch equipment and the same techniques used to train NBA players. Work alongside other expert coaches to hone your own skills. And get paid to do what you love.


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You love coaching young players and watching them grow. You happily do it for free. But… you don’t have to. You can be a fully-paid basketball coach doing what you love, and get a truckload of perks too.


Spend hours each week doing what you love, and get paid for it


Hone your skills under one of Australia’s best basketball coaches for kids and young adults

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Coach in a first-class, custom-built facility using equipment no one else has


Dramatically increase your skills coaching ability with our Coach Education Program


Get 24-hour access to the courts to shoot or train whenever you want


Work with others who share your commitment to improve and excel

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As a member of the No Limits Basketball coaching team, you’re part of the leading basketball skills training company in Victoria. More players choose to attend our academy and camps than anywhere else.

The team’s led by Pete Maunder, an expert coach who’s developed his skills over almost a decade with top-level, US-based trainers. And once you join, you’ll be working at our facility in Box Hill South – the only facility in South East Melbourne specifically designed for skill development.

Joey Wright
Pete is one of the top up and coming young coaches/trainers in Australia. His knowledge base along with his extreme passion for the game gives him an edge that not many have. He's one of the few trainers I would let train my kids!

Joey Wright, Head Coach Adelaide 36ers (NBL), 2-time NBL Coach of the Year

We want you!

The demand for basketball coaching is higher than ever, which means we’re growing faster than ever. Because of that, we need passionate coaches like you to help kids develop their court skills. So, if you...

  • Love coaching kids to play better basketball
  • Want to improve your own coaching skills
  • Always aim to exceed expectations
  • Never forget that fun comes first

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