I acknowledge that my child may be injured in the course of a session/camp and I understand and voluntarily accept the risk and agree that No Limits Basketball will not be liable for any injury including without limitation personal, bodily or mental injury and/or economic loss.

I acknowledge that during a session/camp the coaches may make reasonable physical contact with my child in order to practice skills (by physically guiding them through the movement) or to simulate the physical contact that occurs during a game.

I acknowledge that any photos or videos taken during the sessions/camps may be used for future promotional use.

Academy Memberships

I agree to and understand that:

I will be automatically billed every 2 weeks on Sunday. The minimum length my membership can go for is 8 weeks.

My plan will be placed on hold over the school holidays and then resume when the next school term starts

I will always receive an email reminder 24 hours before any sessions I am booked in for, and so if I don’t get this email reminder but think I should have, I will contact No Limits to check if I am booked in.

The academy usually does run on public holidays / long weekends. If a class is in the schedule, this means it is running.

If for any reason (eg. a coach is sick and we can’t get a replacement) there are more than 4 players in a group with a coach, I will receive a partial refund for that session (Starter memberships $15 refund, All Star and Superstar memberships $10 refund).

To cancel my membership, I must contact No Limits Basketball. I understand that cancelling upcoming bookings does not cancel my membership.

Plan Holds

If I know my child is going to miss multiple weeks in a row (eg. going on holiday), I should email No Limits and ask them to place my membership on hold. Holds must start on a Sunday.

Make Up Sessions & Cancelling Sessions

If I cancel a session with less than 6 hours notice, or no-show for a session I am booked in for, I will lose that session and not be able to do a make-up.

If I cancel with at least 6 hours notice (by going to the No Limits booking site), I’ll be able to book in for an alternate session in the same week (week starts on Sunday).

If I don’t book an alternate session that week, I will be granted a roll-over pass at the start of the next week which can be used to book a make-up session later on.

I can only have the same number of roll-over passes on my account as the number of sessions per week that my membership allows (eg. Starter Membership allows 1 visit per week, so can only have 1 roll-over pass at a time).

Cancelling a session does not change my next billing date or cancel my membership.